Filo Pastry

A unique, delicate, tissue-thin, opaque finish which creates beautiful quiches, strudels, pies, tarts and cakes.

Great for savoury or sweet dishes including pies, pastries, slices and strudels.

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Wheat flour, water, maize starch, salt, vegetable oil, anti-caking agenct (341), preservative (202).

Contains gluten-containing cereals as indicated in bold type.

Pack weight: 375g

Servings per Package: 7.5

Serving Size: Approx. 50g

Pampas Filo Pastry is ideal when light layers of pastry are required. The no-stick recipe makes it easy to prepare your favourite filo dishes.

Keep frozen at or below -18°C.

This product is proudly made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Apricot Danish
Per serving
% DI per serve
Per 100g

Energy (kJ)

Per serving:370
% DI per serve:4%
Per 100g:1320

Protein (g)

Per serving:2.4
% DI per serve:5%
Per 100g:8.7

Fat- Total (g)

Per serving:0.8
% DI per serve:1%
Per 100g:2.7

Saturated (g)

Per serving:0.2
% DI per serve:1%
Per 100g:0.6

Trans (g)

Per serving:<0.1
% DI per serve:
Per 100g:<0.1

Polyunsaturated (g)

Per serving:0.4
% DI per serve:
Per 100g:1.4

Monounsaturated (g)

Per serving:0.2
% DI per serve:
Per 100g:0.7

Carbohydrate (g)

Per serving:17.6
% DI per serve:6%
Per 100g:62.9

Sugars (g)

Per serving:<1
% DI per serve:<1%
Per 100g:2.7

Sodium (mg)

Per serving:140
% DI per serve:6%
Per 100g:500